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And many lessons to impart so you might be inspired, Motivated, encouraged, to make and even Change your life. She leaves the room infused with her energy, she leaves the space and the people in that space motivated and inspired with her Message!!... You may leave in tears of laughter or complete Joy but whatever happens you'll never regret having her which is why she's held her own platforms around the World from small conferences to Large Mega Bridal audiences and Workshops throughout Florida, California, New York, From Colleges and University Campuses to Corporate Boardrooms, TV Work shops, Women's Business Conferences to Women's Ministry Events, To spiritual & life trans-formational programs. She is a renowned Celebrity Bridal & Style expert, Speaker, Fashion Designer, TV Host, ''Says Ice Cream Magazine, a credentialed and experienced Wedding Guru and coach, Spiritual life and Business Coach, Founder & CEO of Sister Hope Ministries, CEO of Deshaynior Fashion & Merchandising Inc, a Luxury lifestyle brand Company. She's an accomplished entrepreneur, a Women's empowerment CHAMPION!! a Sought after international Speaker and Bridal & Style Expert, radio Personality, TV Host of Motivational Moments with April!! an Ordained Minister, to some she's better Known as Dr. Burns. Book April, For TV Hosting, Speaking, Bridal & Style Makeovers!! Special appearances!! To Learn More Visit or  Dr. April Burns is transparent and captivating. She will have your audience hanging from every word as she takes them on a Journey filled with compassion, integrity, Laughter and some times even tears of Joy!! April has the ability to help an audience breakthrough barriers, overcome challenges and fears, and learn how to release their potential in life. If you are looking for a Speaker who can Win the hearts of your audience, create a dynamic, and positive energy and bring about life changing results, then don't wait!!!...

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Keynote dynamic and speaking topics to empower your audience to stand in their POWER!! & release their GREATNESS!! need to kick off your annual conference or retreat, conduct a staff breakout session or inspire a group within your organization? April offers keynote speaking, training, workshops and seminars that motivate the drive within an individual. If you are looking for a speaker that delivers on content, brings the presentation delivery and will undoubtedly infuse the room with her energy. Dr. April Burns is like no other. She can and will deliver. She has more than just credentials and credibility, she has success, struggles, stories and real life experiences she shares for the purpose of meeting your event objective. As a former nurse and aide, and Licensed state board facial and nail specialist, who escaped a very bad physical and sexually abusive childhood. Not to mention Childhood poverty, Domestic violence and the brutal Murder of her two year old baby girl. Followed by the tragic lose of her Mother from Aids, and then her Father, and aunt from brain trauma. Followed by the tragic lose of her older sister who passed away from stage 4 breast cancer, to her aunt surviving breast cancer, then being diagnosed herself with a painful breast condition, and learning to live with a life threatening Colon Condition. She has a story to share. April is the same young girl who once said to her first boss, at Lucy Fancy's beauty salon,'' I Know I still have a lot to learn about beauty,'' but later went on to train other new facial & nail technicians. She has a story to share. A naive April Burns is the same young woman who set out to follow her passion but found herself pulled into entrepreneurship until it led to the title of one of America's Award-Winning Top Celebrity Bridal & Style Experts. Now with her own branded business  and church SUITS!! She has a story to share. Once a girl of many words Now an international speaker, author, by default and demand. She has a story to share. She was and still is in many ways a shy young lady who lives with many scars and lot's of pain but who's now a POWER VOICE!! and a Coach/Mentor to many on just about all things women's empowerment, Motivation, indeed she has a story to share. As a woman who has repeatedly said this was not my idea'' when CBS Asked about the Ministry she started and founded-via Social media, and phone for women in pain, confusion, and in need which went global in less than a year, Dr. April Burns has a story to share.

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