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Spiritual Life Program

Your 30 Days-To A Fab life Change Which Equals A Better You!! & You Change Your Life Now!! Step-by-Step!! Weekly life Coaching with Dr. April Burns This weekly Coaching will allow You to Build a Better Life & Be a Better Person In 30 Days!! Applying These tools is all You'll have Do!! My Goal is to Provide Motivation, Inspiration, Fabulous Declarations. Join My 30 Day life Changing  Coaching Program! It will Shift Your Mind, Your Thinking to Be Coming The Best You Now!! Are You seeking Coaching That will Change You & Challenge Your Thinking? Which in turn will Ultimately Change Your life, as a result You'll Change Your Destiny!!--Then You're in the right Place and This Program is for you!!.. Together We can Ignite Your life & Eliminate bad Habits!! Help You Get Unstuck, Achieve Your Goals, Go to The Next Level of Success--While Living a Fulfilled & Fabulous Life!! This 30 Day Program Aims to Empower You to Unlock and Overcome All that's Blocking You from Being Your Best Self and on to Achieving Your Personal and Professional goals. When You invest in You!! You Change The game For Your Future!! Are You Ready? as each Week for 30 Days! You'll Begin to Change Your life, Your Mind & More!! You'll Be Happy  You Signed Up!! You'll Get: #1 30 Day Audio recording a Virtual Personal Success System That will give You hard hitting, Pre-Planned, top level Training that will take you From ordinary to extraordinary and a Fab life Change With a life changing Breakthrough to Maximum and true Success to a Worldwide Leadership!! #2 A 30 Day Journal Get ready to take your fab life Changing notes that will for sure lead you on a Journey to Success!! Each and every Week of this Coaching is filled with wisdom nuggets along with Strategies for achieving true and lasting Success in your life!! Note taking & Journalizing is a Must!!..#3 Your 30 Day Fab life Changing Calendar where You'll gain Clarity, Focus, Accountability and Direction...This Calendar will give you the Guidelines you need to going From living an Ordinary life to an Extraordinary life!! Into the Fab life Change that God has Ordained for You to live...Get ready to Walk In Your Destiny and Purpose!!..April  I'm READY!!

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Spiritual Life Program!!

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