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ASS SEEN IN: Lakeland Entertainment Magazine, Essence Magazine, Banana Fusion Magazine, Ice Cream Magazine, Jet Magazine, Luxury Florida Bridal Magazine, IN Style Magazine, The Washington Post, The Florida Sentinel News Paper. and Many More Local & National Online and Off line Media Outlets!! Just To name a few.

An Ward-Winning Speaker, Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert, Spiritual life and Personal development Coach and entrepreneur. When you first look into what a single day in the life of April B entails, you soon begin to wonder how does she do it. Your first encounter with This Award-Winning Spiritual life and Personal Development Coach and Mentor is guaranteed to be a whirlwind of excitement, passion and motivation all bundled up into a highly-acclaimed trailblazer and business woman, paving the way for the limitless SUCCESS!! of her clients. With fearless and contagious energy and a top rated resume of motivational, spiritual and entrepreneurial Success, To To To Founder and CEO of Deshaynior Fashion & Merchandising Inc. A Luxury Brand. She's also the CEO of Sister Speak Hope Ministries, Deshaynior Luxury Wedding Events & Workshops, April has surely taken empowerment to an Ultimate and entirely new level by helping others turn their struggles into opportunities. She's an example of Success, April was named one of America's Top leading Experts in her field by Orlando Herald for her passion to serve and help others. Enabling her to further inspire fellow entrepreneurs worldwide. As one of the entertainments, and Hollywood's most sought after Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert & SAG/AFTRA TV Host, April has worked with some of the entertainments Biggest!! Elite Stars To Grammy- and EMMY Winners, Television Personalities, To Top Hit TV Shows, Several Business Owners, Lawyers, Doctors, and Organizations Throughout The United states. April Burns brings women the hope of healing, love and support through Sister hope Ministries, and remember to love yourself Sister & Girls Retreats!! and her Sister/Women Journey to Success Conference.

From The Projects to Hollywood and Travel Bi-Coastal Between Florida, Hollywood CA, New York, Paris and Abroad. April continues to Inspire women from all walks of life to Live their most fabulous life no matter what regardless of their past circumstances and budget. This beauty and woman of God is a TV Host, Mother,  Speaker, Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert, Spiritual life and Personal Development Coach & Mentor and Creator of The Blog & Web series Sexy Bridal & Style Makeover. With her fun loving and keep it real attitude, April gives women the push-in-the butt that most of them need towards building and living their best fabulous lifestyle, health, and spiritually-Conscious life. Her vision is for women all over the world to overcome their struggles and their past circumstances, own their mess, and give up being and staying the victim and stand confident and fearless and COURAGEOUS!! in their power. April believes that confident women are World Changers!!..April says She's tired of seeing women live below their potential. April has been there, and done that. After hitting Rock Bottom in 2001, April embarked on a Journey that would transform her mess into her message. She never thought she was a Coach or Mentor type...As April began to heal from her past, she knew in every fiber of her being that she had to help other struggling women-to-live on purpose a healthier life. Empowered and more stylish lives. She soon immersed herself with studies, learning, growing, volunteering and even holding weekly prayer groups and monthly workshops, teaching everything she could about self love, beauty, style, health, confidence, spirituality. Her first Big Break was instructing a self-development class in Orlando FL, for young women and girls, ages 18-45. She went on to take makeup courses and became a makeup Artist and a Mary Kay Embassador soon she was teaching women how to apply their makeup and how to change their lives through entrepreneurship. April was also a Bridal consultant and intern with David's Bridal Boutique on the popular Kennedy Blvd inn Tampa. She loved helping build up her clients and find their wedding Gown of their  dreams. And importantly, build their confidence. But it was during this time that April, would decide to launch her first bridal line. As April continued reconnecting to her spirit, she sought out other spiritually-conscious women and started an empowerment group and prayer circle for fashion and entertainment professionals. All of these experiences added up to be a great training ground for April, along with receiving her Doctorate and becoming an ordained Minister. Now, she is able to continue working on camera and at the same time, be of service to women around the world. ''Sometimes when we're running from our past, we run smack into our purpose.' says April. She found her calling...or her calling found her.

Sr. April Burns is the and honored member of Working women of Tampa Bay, Extraordinary Women's Ministry & Organization, and The Proud Member of The Women's Speakers Association and THE Boss Sister's Network which has been top business network organization for women if Forbes!!.. Check out a Few Badges Below!!...

Career Highlights: April Television Career/TV Host Career highlights includes serving as a correspondent for red carpet Monday.'' The Emmy-Award Winning Lakeland entertainment news program, Guest Co-Host for WB Women Talk, Recurring Featured Guest appearances, Host of remember to love yourself Sister & Girls Conference, Guest Expert Appearance on The Brian Tracy TV Show, Paul Ryan Show, Guest Expert Appearances on America's Premiere Experts TV Show, Her Live Interviews on the Celebrity Jeffrey Henderson TV Show, The WB Women's Daily Scoop, The Gap Tooth Diva, and more. She's recognized and honored for her service by the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers.  AS SEEN ON: Leaders in their field TV Show, Better TV, Queen She Talks Gospel Aired around The World! on Major Media Affiliate Networks! NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, CNN and Media outlets Across The Country!!...

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