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Meet The Founder!! From The Projects To Hollywood Ca, traveling Bi-Coastal From Florida, New York, Paris and abroad. Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert,Wedding and Fashion Guru, Minister, Dr. April Burns teaches women from all walks of life. She is a Mother, SAG/AFTRA TV Host, spiritual and Motivational Speaker, Spiritual life and personal development coach, and creator of sister hope & Miracle Encounters tours and Events!! and Creator of She Loves Couture bridal & Fashions Blog!!...She's The creator of Sister hope Life Program!! and Hat and High Heel Brunch!! She's The Creator of sister hope Journey To Success Annual event and tour!! and Image & Style Workshops!! Sister hope Entrepreneurs Network!! and sister hope Community leaders annual event!! April is on a Mission to guide her clients, entrepreneurs, and women to God through faith, hope and prayer. And towards living their most amazing, fabulous and spiritually-conscious life. Her vision is clear for women and all entrepreneurs around the World!! to overcome struggle and their past circumstances and stand in their power. Where Does The Passion come from? As April will tell you God!! April is aware that many of you are walking around with low self-esteem, and frustration with life....I was that woman!! says April. She lived in the dark for years despite an exciting career that took her all around the world. On the surface, April appeared to have it all even after losing everything and everyone that ever meant the world to her. She still kept it all together. She learned fast how to wear a mask, though inside she was slowly dying. After struggling to overcome the trials after the brutal murder of her two year old baby girl, and overcoming domestic violence, and sexual and physical abuse as a child. April lived many years in a shame-based existence. Where her family and closest friends constantly looked down at her for years. She soon became self-destructive, numbed herself with Alcohol and one cigarette after the next, and made poor decisions from a very dark place of loneliness, and fear instead of power. After hitting Rock Bottom in 2001, April lost her successful career as a Nurse and Aide, and soon embarked on a whole new World!! of Christ, for years April did some soul searching-The beginning of a long road that soon took her Mess and Turned it into a Message!! She never thought she was a coach or Mentor type....As April began to heal from her past, she knew in every fiber of her being that she had to help other struggling women-especially young women-to live on purpose a healthier life. Empowered and more stylish lives. She soon immersed herself with studies, learning, growing, volunteering and even holding Bi-weekly and monthly empowerment workshops!! teaching everything she could about self-love, beauty, style, health & wealth, spirituality, confidence. Her first Big Break was instructing a self-love and development class in Orlando Fl, for young women, ages 18-45. She went on to take makeup courses and become a Fashion and Jewelry Director with Park lane Jewelry!! since The Company was Famous among Hollywood Elite Celebrities and Stars!! and had been around over 60 years!! and known for it's High end elegant and tasteful Jewelry.  April soon became the Celebrity stylist Go To Girl!! Among The Movie Stars!! later she became an Ambassador for Mary Kay Cosmetics!! soon she was not just styling she was teaching women proper makeup application and how to change their lives through entrepreneurship. April was also a Bridal & Style Consultant/internship with David's Bridal Boutique on the popular Kennedy Blvd in Tampa. She loved helping her clients find the Gown of Their Dreams. And more importantly, build their confidence. But it was during this time that April, would decide to launch her first Bridal Line. As April continued reconnecting to her spirit, she sought out other spiritually-conscious women and started an empowerment group and prayer circle. For Fashion and entertainment professionals. All of these experiences added up to be a great training ground for April, along with receiving her Doctorate and becoming an Ordained Minister. Now, she is able to continue working on camera and at the same time, be of service to women around the world. Sometimes when we're running from our past, we run smack into our purpose,'' says April. She found her calling.....or her calling Found Her.

''Hey!! Let Me Help You With Your Healing & Success Journey!!

Her Career began in The Medical and Beauty Industry, But her passion for public speaking, TV Hosting, Acting & Modeling and The Fashion World!! With a burning desire to empower and help women and other entrepreneurs to be, and have more in life led her to the direct Marketing and Sales Industry where she is also currently an Platinum Elite Top Leader, Mentor,  Coach, Business & Branding Coach to an Organization of 30,000 plus Distributors and Business Owners as well as a Top Fashion, Jewelry and Style Director With Park Lane Jewelry Company. Always the trailblazer and visionary leader, She was instrumental in her companies Top international expansion efforts with national World Partners and vice Presidents of Sales and growth. April believes that hard training and motivation can lead to effective leadership strategies is the difference maker or deal breaker in every business and organization, Dr. April Burns became a founding member of the prestigious John C. Maxwell Certification Program, and The James Malinchak's Millionaire Apprentice Program, and The Women's Boss Network!! as well as The Women's speakers Association!! April says effective leadership strategies is how we grow and impact lives. As a John Maxwell Certification Coach, Teacher and Speaker, and a James Malinchak's Certified leader Program. Also April offers Business, personal and spiritual growth, and wedding and business workshops, and seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, geared towards aiding personal, spiritual and professional growth through the study and practical application of John's proven leadership methods including becoming a person on influence, communication, few connect, putting your dreams to the test & leadership. Dedicated to living her best life, professional and spiritual life  Dr. Burns Join the lisa Nichols Master Mind Program in 2014. The Elite Members enjoyed an opportunity to be coached by The one only Nichols and meet with Master teachers, Mentors, from around the World who attended The annual conference speak write to Make Millions!! This experience went on to change April's business and her life as she once knew it. By late 2014, April Joined Premiere Top Network of Experts Firm and become a member of Hollywood Producer and Film Director Nick Nanton and TV Producer J.D. Dicks and their Speaking & Branding Program in 2014. Limited to only a few players worldwide, top expert members of the yearly membership enjoyed unprecedented opportunity to be personally coached by Nick Nanton, and meet Master Leaders and teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the best spectacular destinations on earth. Through this partnership April has access to tools, strategies, and resources that will help any individual, company, client, organization to experience massive growth and success. She's the Author of #1 Best-Selling Book! Best recipes; how to eat healthier recipes, a co-Author of romance and dating with several other authors & speakers.

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