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IT ALL STARTED WHEN Dr. April Burns Put Together That One Call!! That Changed The Lives of Many Women!!..


OUR Core Purpose: is To motivate women to learn, and grow from each other and through Christ and his Holy Word!! As women are incorporating motivational speaking networking, professional, empowering and training events that consists of fitness, health, and spiritual and personal development.


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''Hello Awesome Woman of God!! There is no Mistake You are here....Because You are here I believe in fact I know God May use This Ministry to serve you in a very unique way. In fact, I'am certain that sister hope exists today because women need and want more out of life and to become better women, women who want a better and more fulfilled life but may need help getting there. Well, sister hope exists to meet you right where you are and help you become disciplined in your prayer walk. So The story of Ministry goes...I was totally caught off guard and you can say a bit naive to learn from a few local community women ( clients and friends) That there were lot's of us not celebrating during the holiday/season in 2010. In fact, some of us were lonely, sad, angry, depressed, confused, alone and lost, overwhelmed, broke, jobless, Man-less....and just not celebrating the holidays!! I've since learned that whatever your going through someone's probably going through something one hundred times magnified during the holidays. So, I extended a hand to a few local community women, and a few of my clients and the response of one woman was ''I'm interested'' and there are a few sisters in need, withing 7-10 days ( and a few friends), I set up a prayer cal for the sole purpose of reaching out and standing in the gap'' for women who were struggling to get through. I gathered women for prayer every week at 10:00 am to intercede for friends in hopes of getting them through the Holidays. The conference call started November 17th with 20 women and was to run for two weeks. Within that two weeks window, the call count rose, women began to depend on the call as their comfort line, they brought their prayer request and shared  with family, friends, colleagues, Co-workers so that by December during the Hoildays we had maxed our telephone line. Women cried out, ''April This cannot STOP!! It can't END!! The results/Outcome was a movement that grew like wildfire and now stands firm as Sister Hope Ministries.. a force of over 65,000 worldwide around the World. The unfolding of the Ministry is truly unbelievable and the impact is surely the work of our God. Our mission is to get women and their families closer to God through hope, faith, and prayer. The vision is that together we stand and thank God for using a few ordinary women for doing the extraordinary work of getting Thousands from around the world united through hope, faith and prayer. We do that through our daily and weekly prayer calls, sister hope Real Talk! with certified and licensed professionals. Sister hope live events ( part of one of our national tours), sister hope prayer & hope global which includes our sisters outside of the U.S. We touch hundreds of women daily and over ten thousand weekly through this Ministry...Glory To God! So connect with us on our Next Prayer call or the next sister hope Breast Bake & Book Club!! or sister hope Real Talk Meet us at the next live event and become a partner.

ABOUT Deshaynior sisters speak hope ministries 

Who We Are! Hello Awesome Woman Of God!!

Dr. April Burns

April's a certified celebrity style & bridal expert, Business & Brand Mentor, Minister, spiritual and personal development coach. 


An avid hair stylist, pam’s been cooking and styling hair since she was 14.. 

Anne Raines is a first time author.

For most students and clients, regular and weekly book sessions are everything to them. There are a few items worth splurging on however. These include quality time set a side for writing, extra peace and quite, No TV, Loads of paper, Be sure you have good lighting. The difference in planning is remarkable!! Thanks sister Hope!!..


Sister hope Ministries

Aunt and Niece Youth mentors

For spring’s quick and easy programs, buy the freshest in-season socks and shoes and bring your thinking cap you can do it. The artisanal and organic products available at many outlet markets we can't wait to get started. Thanks April for your strength, kindness, and  exceptionally life program it changed our business and walk with Christ.

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MANDY Monroe

Mandy has five years’ experience as a test kitchen chef, business and business mentor.

Christine Lewis
If you buy only one program or tool this month, make it a good learning. Sister Hope Experts and mentors recommend starting with the spiritual life program that not only changed my prayer life!! at least 7 times a week or more. After that, what matters most is how well it fits your business and life. The mentors find Joy in knowing they have changed someone's life.