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Is To Support, empower, uplift, and provide each woman with the tools to succeed on her own terms.


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To Provide entrepreneurs, with strength, courage, hope, and business skills they need to grow.  


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Success Builders: Success tools, products, marketing &Branding the second best gateway to prosperity is unlocking how to create and use your creative brand.

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We're Happy You Stopped By!! Which means you know God Has More in store for your life!!


Are You living beneath the calling that God has for YOU!!? It is God's desire to give you an abundant life. Let Dr. April Burns show you how. With our new sister hope spiritual life camp program which provides abundant living and growth resources for women and men. ( Founded on John 10:10) via virtual and live courses on a rolling calendar basis.




Success Tools: Success exposure products Books, & Accessories The Biggest gateway to prosperity is unlocking how to use success props. Find them all here, stop the struggle and unleash your full potential & Increase.

Working With April Takes your Business or Ministry To The Next Level!! Creating Exposure!!

You'll get the answers you need virtually:home study programs that take you from lack to increase. Discover secret strategies to live a more fulfilled life and develop personal systems to achieve what you desire.

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''Hello and Welcome!! Thank You for Stopping by!! I believe You are not here by mere luck or coincidence. You're here because your steps were ordered by divine destiny to connect here with me and go to the next level in all things Courageous in your-life and spirit, Mind, body, Soul, and Business. It's your Call!! We're ready and here to help you get where you want to be!! Dr. April Burns is an anointed woman of God for such a time as this to help build up the body of Christ like never before!! She's an Author, Spiritual life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fashion & Bridal Blogger, Wedding Coach.Guru!! TV Radio Personality, Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert!! You name it and God has anointed her to do it!! She has a deep passion to see destiny divine walk tall in all things Courageous according to the WORD!! and will of God!! April has created and developed programs and trainings that will help build up Kingdom leaders and Kingdom Financiers!! it's a Journey and Movement that many are Now Taking Part In!!

April Help Me Make Over My Life and My Journey With God!!

You'll Discover how to: Master your business and life increase your sales and income create products and programs up level your brand and exposure.



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Dr. April Burns has appeared in various online and off line media and Magazines.. To Local and National Syndicated Radio, and National and local News Papers worldwide.!!



You surely will receive motivation and inspiration on how to overcome struggles, and obstacles, along with fears and become the fantastic leader that you was born to be. Her spiritual life & business training program helps people that are gifted in Ministry, Evangelism, Pastoral, and Cultivate their gift so they to can hear from God like never before!! Success CEO Program takes entrepreneurs to a whole different level!! Coached by Dr. April Burns her self, you'll find that this programs provides information that could only take your business to a successful new and fearless level!! April Burns gives you the secrets, strategies & tools, and tricks that took her business from making barely $300 to well over 6 figures within 1 year Yes, you've taken the steps in the right direction and to the right place to get what you need to go to YOUR NEW LEVEL OF SUCCESS!! When it comes to your Spirit, Body, Soul, and Business!! The next step in your Journey To Success!! Awaits You!!

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